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"Santa's Little Helpers"


71 minutes playing time
Featuring Wendy, Kaylee, Melanie, Belle .. and Santa

Mommy Wendy and her little adult baby Melanie are so excited. It is Christmas eve and they know Santa is coming. Not only that but their best friends mommy Kaylee and her adult baby Belle will be there too.
Wendy and Melanie have started to trim the Christmas tree when there is a knock at the door. Kaylee and Belle have arrived.
The four of them finish decorating the tree when there is yet another knock at the door. The baby girls just KNOW it is Santa!
The two girls excitedly sit on Santa's knee and open all the presents. There are heaps of them because they have been such good girls all year long.
Then Santa has to leave to visit many more children.
The girls start to play with their toys when Melanie needs to be breast fed. So naturally Belle wants her mommy to breast feed her too.
Then mommy Kaylee notices Belle has wet her diaper so she changes her on the floor in front of the others.
Later the two mommies go into the kitchen to make a cup of tea. When they return Wendy is horrified to see Melanie was being very naughty taking all the toys away from Belle. Melanie refuses to say she is sorry so Wendy has no choice but to lift Melanie across her knee, pull down her diaper and give her a good OTK spanking until she is genuinely sorry.
Wendy sees that Melanie needs a diaper change too so she also changes her on the floor.
Some of the presents were new baby clothes so the girls ask if they can try them on. Their mommies help them out of their Christmas party clothes and into the new outfits. They look so pretty.
The two girls are friends again and Wendy brings in two baby bottles of warm milk and the mommies bottle feed their babies.
Then it is snack time. The girls are allowed to eat some of the Christmas sweets Wendy had bought for the occasion. But only after their mommies take off their new clothes and put bibs on.
Melanie needs to be fed properly so Wendy spoon feeds her solids in the high chair.
It has been big day for the babies and their mommies. Kaylee sets up the playpen for the girls to play in with their toys while the mommies take some time out. The girls play happily but are exhausted and soon fall asleep cuddling each other.
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